Dear Olympians, No Twitter Advertising or Online Videos, OK?

The 2012 London Games Olympics Committee has issued their social media rules for games, and most importantly athletes are not permitted to advertise or post their own videos — you know, the ones that you always see the athletes taking during their breaks.

While the rules aren’t explained, it’s likely meant to take the emerging commercialization of the Olympics.  The IOC has acted swiftly here, and it will benefit the ‘feel’ of the games.  If athletes were tweeting ads for Nike before their meets it wouldn’t jive well with “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (faster, higher stronger), and would feel more like “money, more money, profits.”

We’ll see if any of the athletes push out their tweets and videos under the radar, but anybody doing that would be doing so knowing that their accreditation would be on the line.  So it’s doubtful.

Stay tuned for more Olympics social media news as it happens.