Facebook Deals Also Now Available for Windows Phone 7 and in Canada

The Facebook Deals location-based promotions is now available for Windows Phone 7.  It also became available in Canada earlier this week along with being rolled out to Europe and Android devices. By expanding the feature’s potential user base, Facebook can achieve the critical mass necessary to spread awareness via the feed and attract businesses to offer Deals.

Canada was the fourth country to get access to Places back in the September, and is likewise one the first outside the U.S. to get Deals. Several Canadian brands including Indigo Books and Retail, Garage clothing, and Telus telecommunications are now offering lucrative promotions such as 40% off, $10 off, and spend $25 for a $25 gift voucher. These promotions are more valuable than those initially launched in Europe, indicating higher confidence in Facebook Deals amongst Canadian brands.

According to the new Deals page that includes a nearby Deals locator, Facebook for Windows Phone 7 users can now view and redeem promotions. Now the only major phone operating systems without Deals are Blackberry, which didn’t receive Places until November, and  Palm webOS, whose users had to wait until December to be able to check in. Last we heard, Facebook for Windows Phone 7 still didn’t have push notification or Chat, though, keeping it at the bottom of the pack in terms of Facebook app features, despite Deals access.

With the most of the popular smart phone operating systems and citizens of many first world nations able to claim Deals, Facebook now needs to produce hard data demonstrating that the feature can attract new customers and increase loyalty.