David Shuster: “Just a scene of utter devastation”

The extent of the Katrina-wrought devastation is enough to render anyone speechless, but the correspondents in the field who are seeing it all firsthand don’t have that luxury. What’s amazing is that after literally weathering the storm and covering the massive fallout over two long days, so many of these people are actually making time to blog, delivering their raw impressions in a way that will surely change the paradigm. I came upon David Shuster’s first-person accounts on NBC’s The Peacock when I was rounding up quotes for the previous post and I just couldn’t stop reading. Here is an excerpt:

Now I’m about a quarter-mile from the beach. Everything from here back down to shore is utter destruction. All the beachside houses are destroyed. There’s nothing left. The people in this neighborhood who did survive did so because they were on the second story or on rooftops of buildings that were farther inland…

One of the most horrifying stories in Biloxi is with an apartment building along the beach. This morning, I talked to a homeowner whose house was right next door to the complex. The homeowner came back and saw that his house was totally destroyed. He says the people in the complex tried to ride out the storm and haven’t been heard from again.

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