David Cameron Apologizes for Former Comms Chief/Convicted Conspirator

Contrary to what Twitter may have told you this morning, the biggest news out of Britain does NOT involve a Queen and a throne.

The long-running News of the World phone hacking trial is nearing its end–and while Rupert Murdoch confidante Rebekah Brooks got off scot-free, top hack-turned-flack Andy Coulson has been found guilty of conspiring to “break into” the phone of a murdered teenager.

Coulson is now best known as Prime Minister David Cameron’s former head of communications. Cameron’s response to the verdict? Apologize. Immediately.

Ahead of next year’s election, the PM’s opponents are already using his decision to hire Coulson in the first place as a sign of his poor leadership, so he decided to tell everyone how very, very sorry he is.

“I’m extremely sorry that I employed him, it was the wrong decision. I asked him questions about if he knew about phone hacking and he said that he didn’t and I accepted those assurances and I gave him the job.”

This statement doesn’t quite address the wisdom of Cameron’s initial decision to hire a tabloid editor as his PR chief or the fact that the ethically challenged Coulson does not represent the communications/media industries at large.

For the moment, though, consider that several people conspired to hack into the phone of a deceased teenager for nothing more than what we call “clicks”. And only one of the accused has been found guilty of anything.

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