DAU-UP Launches Mobile Gamer Acquisition Solution for Developers

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DAU-UP has announced the official launch of its Mobile Gamer Acquisition Solution, aimed at helping mobile developers acquire high-value players and ultimately raise their revenue. Previously, DAU-UP has helped companies like Social Point, Plarium and Playtika promote their games via Facebook, but this new technology will expand that reach to new audiences.

DAU-UP’s marketing campaigns are optimized for each developer’s key performance indicators, and help developers target and acquire the right gamers for the right product. This is said to increase the profitability of mobile games, whether the game is brand new, or a few years old.

“Many solutions promise installs, but only DAU-UP has delivered quality players which are helping us reach profitability,” said Adam Jaffe, VP of marketing at Social Point. “With the growing importance of mobile, DAU-UP is able to provide us with players from a broad range of mobile media channels who monetize our games and enable us to achieve our ROI targets.”

“With access to the top gaming publishers on the market, we know which media channels to utilize to secure you the players you’re searching for. Our advanced intelligent algorithms enable us to evaluate masses of potential targeting and creative, while adjusting the bid, allocating the budget effectively, and optimizing towards player value, to deliver at scale monetizable players,” adds DAU-UP.

More information on the company’s Mobile Gamer Acquisition Solution is available on the company’s website.