DataPoint: Candy Crush Still Tops the Charts, But It’s Losing Engagement

Candy Crush still dominates in terms of users, but engagement is down and user interest is waning.

candy crush

candy crush

Even though King’s hit game Candy Crush Saga continues to gain monthly active users (MAUs) and daily active users (DAUs), it is losing engagement.

In the past week, the game’s MAUs have increased 68 percent and its DAUs have increased over 25 percent, according to AppData. However, in the same time period, DAU/MAU engagement has dropped nearly 12 percent. In the past month, engagement has dropped 13 percent. The data indicate decreased user interest in the game and with the Facebook Platform in general.

Raw data provided by AppData shows that the overall Facebook gaming experience is shrinking, a trend further confirmed by social gaming companies’ increased focus on mobile. Another indicator of decreased user interest is Candy Crush’s Facebook page engagement, which has seen siginificant declines. Here’s a graph, courtesy of PageData:

candy crush

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Do you think Candy Crush is on its way out?

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