DataPoint: How is Bubble Witch Saga Doing?

According to AppData, Bubble Witch Saga's MAUs and DAUs are on the decline.

bubble witch saga

bubble witch

King recently announced the launch of a new game, Bubble Witch Saga 2. But how is the original Bubble Witch Saga doing?

Not so well, according to AppData. The game’s monthly active users (MAUs) and daily active users (DAUs) have been on the decline:

bubble witch saga

Bubble Witch’s DAU/MAU engagement has increased slightly in the past month — 1.1 percent.

The game is on the lower side of King’s games. With 10.7 million MAUs, it sits between the newly-launched Diamond Digger Saga and Pepper Panic Saga.

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Readers: Have you played Bubble Witch Saga?