Dark Summoner, Instagram and more on this week’s Android app charts

The top of the Android charts were once again dominated by apps we’ve seen in previous weeks, namely DeNA’s card-battle game Rage of Bahamut, which refuses to budge from the No. 1 spot in the list of top grossing chart. At a recent event held in San Francisco, Mobage showed us its upcoming lineup of games, many of which, not surprisingly, aim to capitalize on the Rage of Bahamut formula by applying its gameplay to a more Western-friendly intellectual property.

The other point of interest this week is Amazing Alex, which dropped from the No. 4 spot to the No. 25 spot on the top paid Android apps chart.

This Week’s top grossing Android apps

Dark Summoner — We begin our roundup of this week’s top grossing Android apps at the No. 6 spot with Ateam’s Dark Summoner, a free monster battle game that’s been installed more than 100,000 times since it was first released. The game was last updated on July 27 with minor caching improvements. The game has made an impressive climb up the chart from its No. 30 spot last week.

Ninja Royale — At the No. 12 spot is Mobage’s Ninja Royale, a game that combines gesture-based combat, strategy and gear collection.

Kingdoms at War — Coming in at the No. 32 spot is A Thinking Ape’s Kingdoms at War, a multiplayer game that combines world exploration with building Sim elements. The game was last updated on July 26 to fix Jellybean specific crashes. It’s been installed more than 100,000 times since it was first released, and users gave it the high average rating of five stars.

Stardom: The A-List — At the No. 33 spot is Glu Mobile’s Stardom: The A-List, a game in which players try to become superstar celebrities.

Mystery Manor — Closing off our list this week’s top grossing Android apps is Game Insight International’s Mystery Manor, a hidden object and puzzle game featuring hand-drawn graphics and regular content updates. The game was last updated on July 27 with minor tweaks and additional sports-themed content. Mystery Manor was installed more than 500,000 times since it was first released.

This week’s top free Android apps

Instagram — Climbing all the way up to the No. 2 spot from last week’s No. 13 spot is Instagram, the image sharing network that is currently in the process of being acquired by Facebook for a billion dollars.

Angry Birds Space — Coming in at the No. 5 spot is Rovio’s Angry Birds Space, the followup up to the unprecedented hit physics-based puzzle game. The game was last updated on July 26 with 20 new levels, 10 new bonus levels and the new space egg character. So far the game has been installed an impressive 10 million times and overwhelmingly positive user reviews.

Tango Video Calls — Coming in at the No. 11 spot is Tango’s Video Call app which allows users to make free voice and video calls.

Amazon MP3–  At the No. 21 spot is Amazon Mobile’s MP3 app which allows users to shop and play music. Users who live in the U.S. can also play or download songs from their Amazon Cloud Player. The app was last updated on August 1 with various bug fixes. The app has been installed more than 10 million times, and received mixed reviews. more than 35,000 users gave the app the highest possible rating of 5 stars, but more than 27,000 users gave it the lowest possible rating of one star. Most users complained about the recent change to a pay model, which limits users who use the free version to only 250 songs.