Danica Patrick Gives Nascar.com Boost

Though Danica Patrick’s brief Nascar experiment has thus far been underwhelming for racing fans, it has provided a solid boost to Nascar.com.

Over the past three Saturdays—Feb. 13, Feb. 20 and Feb. 27—Nascar.com averaged roughly 825,000 unique users, an increase of 11 percent compared to those same dates last year. On each of those days Patrick, who normally races in the IndyCar Series, was trying her hand at Nascar for the first time.

And while the GoDaddy.com spokeswoman and SI Swimsuit-posing Patrick hardly set the Nascar circuit on fire (she never finished higher than 30th and crashed last weekend), fans logged on to the Web in big numbers to track her progress. According to Turner, over those three Saturdays the site generated 16.7 million page views, an increase of 3 percent versus last year.

Even more impressive however was the telegenic Patrick’s impact on Nascar.com’s video traffic; the site streamed 967,000 video clips over the three days Patrick raced. That marked an increase of 51 percent versus the same time period last year.