Dan Abrams On His Agency: Don’t Call Us A PR Firm

NBC chief legal analyst Dan Abrams — who has also launched a blog network and digital consulting firm in the last year — spoke with CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” hosted by Howard Kurtz in an interview that aired this weekend.
Kurtz asked Abrams about a number of topics in regards to his career and the media industry, including the launch of Abrams Research, his consulting firm. Abrams was quick to point out that it’s not a PR firm, exactly. From the transcript:

KURTZ: You also have a public relations firm. And now you’re advising big corporate giants like Coke and GE on social media.
ABRAMS: Yes. It’s not really a PR firm. What it is —
KURTZ: I don’t want to be charged for this advice. What do you tell them?
ABRAMS: Yes. No, I understand. I understand. What it is, it is a digital media firm.
ABRAMS: So, basically, we’ve seen that we know how to build traffic, for example, on the Web sites. How do you get people to stick around?
There are little tricks of the trade, et cetera.
We’re just applying those tricks now for businesses and saying to them, hey, you want to keep people in your universe online? Here are some things you can do.
You want to build traffic on your Web site? You want to keep people there? Here are some things that we think that you should do.
So that’s now the exclusive foray of Abrams Research.

In a brief discussion with an Abrams Research consultant this past fall, this PRNewser called the company a PR agency, and was quick to be corrected that Abrams Research is a “media strategy” firm.
It’s not surprising that the agency faces the challenge many other digital shops do these days, in terms of defining where they fit into the marketing landscape and what they actually do. Watch Abrams on “Reliable Sources” here.