Daily News Columnist Rails Against ‘PR Experts’ and Tiger Woods

At least one reporter is getting sick of the Tiger Woods fiasco, and more notably, the crowds of PR expert “ambulance chasers” offering advice after his every move.

The Daily News‘ Bob Raissman writes:

Standing at the front of the line are all the PR “experts.” On cable shows, they will provide instant analysis on how Woods handled the Q&A and what they would have done if they were representing the girl-crazy golfer.

You will hear how they all could do it better. You will hear nothing about the fee they would charge Woods for their PR genius.

It was stunning – and comical – how many conclusions were drawn after those two five-minute sessions with the Golf Channel and ESPN.

We’ve done our fair share of Tiger coverage, and even questioned the PR advice givers ourselves back in December. It’s a big story, and certainly one with PR ramifications. Whenever that exists, you will see PR pros open their mouths to the media, whether you like it or not.