‘Daddy Leave’ Topic of AtlanticLIVE Convo

tdtThe New America Foundation’s Liza Mundy and The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates sat down Tuesday night at Sixth & I to discuss the concept of “daddy leave.” Mundy penned a piece for the mag called “The Daddy Track” that looks at paternity leave as “a transformational equalizing force that draws men into the domestic sphere while enabling women to excel at work.”

We here at FishbowlDC can barely remember to feed our dogs, so far be it from us to advise anyone on parenting. However, Coates and Mundy seemed to think this whole paternity leave thing is a good idea and should be a lot easier for both moms and dads.

“I remember when I had my kids, you have to actually get formally disabled by your physician, which always seemed really weird that just having given birth means you’re disabled,” said Mundy. “That’s how you get the 6 weeks of medical leave.”

While lots of great points were made, the greatest takeaway is that any public conversation on parenting should 100% serve booze (6th & I does not). The topic of an 18 year commitment should always be accompanied by wine.

If the issue is of great interest to you though, the conversation will appear on The Atlantic‘s website by end of week. In the meantime, you can check out Mundy’s article here.