D.C.-Area Chicken Chain Runs First Legal Weed Promo Stunt

Expect to see a lot more of this.

You may be aware that The District of Columbia officially jumped on a growing trend at midnight by legalizing the recreational possession of marijuana.

One particular local business flew ahead of the crowd in running a related promo. Let’s call it slightly-behind-real-time marketing, maaaaaaaan:

Get ready for more of this realness.

A spokesperson for NORML told Reuters that a “green rush” of related businesses will soon hit DC, but Nando’s appears to be the first “normal” company to run a tie-in promo (correct us if we’re wrong).

Despite recent legal trends, most businesses and the PR firms that rep them aren’t yet comfortable associating themselves with marijuana. For example, we recently spoke to a vaporizer company that has to avoid marketing directly to potheads despite the fact that they make up its core audience.

More than a year ago, a Colorado sushi restaurant launched what it called “the world’s first marijuana pairing menu,” but Ricardo Baca, who edits the Denver Post weed vertical, told us it was just a shameless ploy for attention.

Kind of like this:

Oh, NOW we get it.

Expect the news to spark lots of lame social media puns. You might just have to roll with it, though the name of good taste will probably take a hit (it’s not like our standards were particularly high anyway).

If you live in the D.C. area and love chicken, you might want to hurry up: it’s already, like, 4:48. Or something.