Cynics Blame Satan–CBS Needs an Enema, Not Exorcist

FBLA was appalled yesterday when CBS announced a pilot order for a drama focused around dealings with the supernatural, from Barbara Hall and Joe Roth. Bob Larson, self-taught exorcist and foe of Harry Potter and yoga, was signed as a consultant. Obviously, no one involved has a Nexis account.

But after a good night’s sleep, we’ve had another thought:

Showrunner Barbara Hall has a deal with CBS/Paramount. Her shows aren’t as popular as they once were, but a deal’s a deal.

So, CBS goes for a pilot–not a huge expenditure, keeps Hall busy writing and just to ensure that there’s no way in hell anyone’s going to make a series order–the project has a really unattractive, potentially very embarrassing attachment. Pilot rejected, contractual obligations fulfilled, no hard feelings, better luck next season and air kisses all around.

Would Nina Lederman,the president of Joe Roth’s production company, a former board member of the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, really want to be with in spitting distance of a guy who said this and worse as at Simon Fraser University in 1995:

They are lying to you, Bob screams. Do you know what your kids are reading in elementary school? No, answers the fairly respectable, conservative audience. They are reading things like Heather Has Two Moms, Daddy’s Roommate–more like Daddy and His Sodomite Roomate, Gloria Goes to Gay Pride.

Or this, as reported by the Toldeo Blade:

The Exorcist asks about her heritage and she says her parents were Mexican and Texan.
Have you ever broken the Aztec curse? he asks her. No wonder your family has blood on it. There’s a death curse hanging over your family.

There’s a curse hanging over the professional reputations of everyone connected with this, including the Fed-Ex guy and the payroll service.

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