Cyberpost Launches Virtual Mailbox App on iOS, Android

Cyberpost gives users a virtual mailbox to receive offers and promotions, which is linked to their physical address.

Cyberpost has announced the launch of its iOS and Android app, which looks to give businesses a new way to communicate with their target audiences. The app gives each user a virtual mailbox to receive offers and promotions, which is linked to their physical address.

Cyberpost was designed to prevent consumers from receiving ‘junk mail’ in their physical mailboxes by allowing business to send virtual content instead.

Cyberpost Screenshots

For brands, companies can send virtual mail to users in specific geographical locations, or around the world. For instance, a musician could send concert information to users in specific cities, while a small business could send a promotion to users near their store, and so on.

Once users sign up for a Cyperpost account, they can browse their promotional offers, coupons and video mail (like movie trailers), save content to their favorites or share mail with others. Users can also flag specific mail categories as their favorites or block individual senders if they’re uninterested in their messages. While the platform allows businesses to target users based on their locations, users remain anonymous as they browse their mail. Users can also review mail or offers anonymously.

After virtual mail is sent, Cyberpost allows businesses to track whether recipients deleted or blocked their mail, shared their mail with others, read or posted reviews about their mail and more. Companies can send follow-up campaigns to users based on their actions.

Cyberpost has raised $1.8 million in seed funding for its platform from private investors. It will use the funds to grow and expand its service.

In a statement, Reg DesRosiers, co-founder and CEO of Cyberpost, commented on the platform:

Cyberpost is not an email-based or email marketing system, but rather it delivers on what email marketing has habitually failed to do, which is connect brands with consumers in a way that’s relevant and mutually beneficial. Most email marketing campaigns are essentially spam, so we’ve created a model that employs the virtual convenience and multimedia capabilities of email marketing with targeted and timely offers delivered direct to consumers based on a physical address.

The Cyberpost app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.