Cyber Monday: Who Won?

“Black Friday” and now “Cyber Monday” have both come to a close. So, who “won” from both a sales and PR perspective? One thing is for sure, a lot of people were pitching Cyber Monday related stories. A keyword search for the topic on PRNewswire, BusinessWire, and Marketwire turns up a whopping 144 press releases.

The Today Show booked Regina Lewis, AOL consumer advisor to chat with David Gregory, as seen in the video posted above. Lewis mentioned that she received “a bit of a scoop” that “Best Buy will have all iPods on sale” for the day. Also mentioned were,, and, among others. Many received “PR gold” of a screen shot of their homepage displayed during the broadcast.

Regarding online sales, comScore said they were down 4% from last year. That’s despite a 2% year-over-year increase for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday combined,” according to Bulldog Reporter.

Do you work for an online retailer? Releasing traffic and sales data before and after Cyber Monday is an excellent way to stay on reporter’s radars. This PRNewser spoke to at least several reporters who said they were looking for data for “surprise winners” or others who have compelling numbers to share.

How did your Cyber Monday pitches fare? Let us know.