Twitter Beats Call Centers For Customer Service [SURVEY]

Twitter Beats Call Centers For Customer Service [SURVEY]
The prevailing attitude among customer service providers seems to be that Twitter is a backup to their call center. Sure, it’s handy, but it’s not the primary place that consumers go for support.

However, new surveys beg to differ, and instead point to the growing importance of Twitter as a customer support tool.

According to two surveys sponsored by Amdocs, there is a gap between what customer service providers and what customers think of social media.

Most (68 percent) customer service providers believe that customers turn to social channels like Twitter because they are unable to reach anyone on the phone. However, 50 percent of consumers surveyed actually want to communicate with their customer service provider on social media.

And while 52 percent of consumers expect a response to their tweet complaints within 30 minutes, only 24 percent of service providers say they actually respond this quickly. And, what’s worse, consumers say that 75 percent of their complaints and comments sent via social channels are ultimately ignored.

So why is the service level on Twitter not yet up to snuff? The surveys suggest that service providers are still slow to integrate social media into their customer care systems. A full 64 percent don’t store social media interactions in their customer relations management database, and 93 percent either cannot identify a customer from their social profile, or they must wait for a customer to call into a call center before making the link.

Social media has the potential to be a powerful (and cost-effective) tool for customer service – it’s just a matter of service providers willing to make the change.

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