Cupid, Badoo, IQ, Horoscope, Music and More on the Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

There were many games on our list of top 20 growing Facebook applications by monthly active users this week, but there were also a lot of entertainment apps, for dating, horoscopes, luck, profile banners and more. This list was compiled based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers apps that grew the most in the past week.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Monopoly Millionaires 2,000,987 +1,072,355 +115%
2. Zuma Blitz 5,059,950 +774,404 +18%
3. Cupid 2,290,176 +591,114 +35%
4. Intelligent Elite 2,757,412 +571,499 +26%
5. Ravenwood Fair 11,331,436 +568,521 +5%
6. Profilbanner auf Deutsch 3,045,694 +561,770 +23%
7. 7 Best Friends 1,126,999 +552,632 +96%
8. Daily Horoscope 2,092,567 +549,641 +36%
9. BandPage by RootMusic 18,847,574 +528,666 +3%
10. My Friend Map 569,180 +500,586 +730%
11. Luck Daily! 990,138 +464,139 +88%
12. Profile Top Banner 507,721 +453,879 +843%
13. 英雄遠征-開心農場 536,075 +416,681 +349%
14. Glory of Rome 1,725,692 +397,850 +30%
15. Gourmet Ranch 1,464,758 +388,865 +36%
16. Komik Videolar 631,932 +388,707 +160%
17. Diner Dash 1,951,069 +383,930 +24%
18. Badoo 43,739,608 +381,273 +0.88%
19. Birthday Cards 7,382,965 +369,221 +5%
20. Честита Баба Марта! 359,261 +359,219 +855,283%

Topping the list were Monopoloy Millionaires and Zuma Blitz, two games that saw huge growth, 1 million and 774,400, respectively. Then there was Cupid, the dating app that added 591,100 MAU; AppData shows that the growth comes mostly from the U.S., India and the UK and falls within the age range of under 18 to 35. Another dating app on the list, Badoo, grew by 381,300 MAU and is growing in Mexico, France and Italy, serving an older age range, 18 to 45; this app grows partly by asking users to answer questions about their friends, which sends them a notification.

Intelligent Elite grew by 571,500 MAU, in Indonesia, mostly. If you recall, this app has an effective viral element — tricking the user into thinking they are taking an IQ test on Facebook (you have to login to the web site to get the results), and then before the end you have to answer half a dozen questions about your friends, tagging about 20 people in the stream in the process.

There was the German profile banner app, Profilbanner auf Deutsch, which saw growth of 561,800 MAU; when you install the app the resulting photo album created tags you in each photo. The Profile Top Banner with 453,900 MAU this week, also tags you in the album created for the profile banner. The 7 Best Friends app showed growth in India mostly with 552,600 MAU. Daily Horoscope grew by 549,600 MAU mostly in Turkey; the app posts your horoscope to the stream.

BandPage by RootMusic grew by 528,700 MAU mostly in the U.S., the app allows music lovers and performers to promote their music on Facebook. My Friend Map saw 500,600 MAU this week; the app generates a geographical map of your Facebook network and publishes a catchy photo to your stream. Luck Daily saw a rise of 464,100 MAU; the app posts your daily luck score to your Wall.

There was Komik Videolar, or Video Air, saw 388,700 MAU this week; the app includes several viral elements, such as generating a feed story when you comment or Like a video, allowing for sharing of videos, but most importantly, videos automatically post to the stream when you use the app. Birthday Cards grew by 369,200 MAU; it asks users to send cards to their email contacts. The Russian Честита Баба Марта grew by 359,200 MAU this week.

The rest of the apps were games, and are covered on Inside Social Games.