Cupertino, We Have a White Balance Problem in the iPhone 4. Evidence Mounting

Qik noted a blue tint problem in videos recorded using their app on an iPhone 4 earlier this week.

Qik Acknowledges Qik Apps Showing a Blue Tint on iPhone 4 Devices (not 3GS)

I noted what looked like a white balance problem around the same time (June 29).

iPhone 4 Photo White Balance Problem: Purple, Blue, or Something Else? – BTW, Nexus One Photo is Fine

Yesterday, MacWorld published an item with findings similar to mine.

Some iPhone 4 cameras have yellowing problem

I haven’t taken photos with the “yellowing” problem noted by MacWorld. But, it is most certainly related to a white balance problem in the iPhone 4. My guess is that this can be fixed in a future update (which I hope comes very soon).