Crushable Founder b5media Launches The Gloss

b5media followed up its launch of entertainment and lifestyle site Crushable Feb. 17 with yet another launch: fashion and beauty site The Gloss, which debuted Monday.

Elizabeth Spiers oversees b5media’s sites, and The Gloss will be run by editor in chief Lilit Marcus, who had been editor of and was co-founder and editor of save the assistants, and deputy editor Jennifer Wright, former senior editor of ask melissa.

Columnists for The Gloss include beauty blogger and Confessions of a Beauty Addict author Nadine Jolie, political pundit and former Air America news editor Megan Carpentier, and Fashism co-founder Brooke Moreland.

b5media CEO Elaine Kunda said:

I am proud to create a site that speaks to the manifold experiences of modern women. Today’s woman does not want to be a type, she wants to be an individual. She deserves a Website that lets her explore all of her interests without putting her in a box.

Marcus added:

Running a site like this is a dream come true for me. So often, sites aimed at women end up talking down to them. I want to create a place where women from a variety of backgrounds can all feel welcomed, encouraged, and valued.

And Spiers concluded:

The Gloss is a smart, sexy take on fashion, beauty, and style with something you won’t find in most women’s publications — a great sense of humor. I’m excited to see it develop and grow.