Crushable Crashes Onto the Scene

b5media launched entertainment and lifestyle site Crushable Wednesday, targeting young women with content including breaking news, fashion features, and videos.

Crushable’s editorial team includes former AP entertainment reporter Erin Carlson as editor in chief, former FishbowlNY editor and familiar face Amanda Ernst (FishbowlNY is a sister blog to WebNewser) as deputy editor, and former free-lancer Jean Bentley as staff writer.

First-day stories on Crushable included Confessions of a Real-Life Gossip Girl, an item about Paula Deen becoming a guest judge on American Idol, Textual Healing: The Casual Ex Text, and another item about Kim Kardashian tweeting about the air marshal sitting next to her on a flight.

b5media president and CEO Elaine Kunda said:

We’re excited to unveil, which will help drive b5media’s content in a new direction. The modern-day woman is not one-dimensional, and b5media’s sites will provide a combination of insightful and witty features and news that people need to stay informed.

And Carlson added:

I’m thrilled to offer young women an online escape that reflects their interests and sensibilities. We have an intelligent and unapologetic obsession for all things entertainment, through a wide spectrum of content that provides authenticity and humor. We’ll be live-blogging the Oscars, decoding readers’ texts from their exes, and offering tips on accessible ways to mimic Lady Gaga’s alien style, and much more.