CrunchGear Calls the Sprint HTC Hero the Best Android Phone: But, but… No Keyboard… Sigh

Photo courtesy of HTC

I have a lot of interest in the Android platform. But, I have zero interest in keyboardless Android smartphones. But, if you don’t have that aversion to touchscreen only devices, here’s a good mini-review in CrunchGear of the…

Review: HTC Hero from Sprint

CrunchGear says that the Hero has a “jowl” instead of the gigantic and odd-looking chin found on the G1. But, I still think that bottom-jutting design looks odd. On the other hand, the auto-focus 5 megapixel camera sounds nice. And, access to Sprint’s 3G wireless data network is very nice.

CrunchGear reports the Hero get through the day on a single charge. That is reasonably common for smartphones. CrunchGear calls it the best Android phone on the market. Me? I’m waiting for a good affordable Android phone with a keyboard.

HTC Hero product page