Another Social Gaming Title Makes The Mobile Leap: CrowdStar’s It Girl Comes to iOS

CrowdStar certainly found a hit with its girls-only social title It Girl on Facebook. Most recently #12 on our Top 25 Facebook Games list, the app continues to do well, hovering around 9.1 million monthly active users and 1.2 million daily active users. To expand its potential reach, CrowdStar is taking the Zynga route and porting its most popular game to both the iPhone and iPad.

Released earlier this week, It Girl is now available for free on iOS devices and it appears to be ranked 77th in the U.S. among role-playing iOS apps. A companion app to the Facebook version, the game hosts a handful of the original’s core play elements such as “dueling” rivals and shopping. Here, however, it is all done in a much more streamlined fashion.

Players that download the new mobile version of It Girl will connect to their profile via their Facebook login. From here, players go to a familiar avatar menu where they’re linked up with their character and a closet full of clothes. From this main menu, players can access all of the shops they have unlocked (via their level) and browse the various racks and shelves for clothing. Unlike the original Facebook version, though, the ability to physically walk around the city and through the stores have been removed. Here, players can only tap on the store front signs to enter, and peruse the wares in a menu system.

The game still works similarly to the Facebook version though. When browsing, energy is consumed and a random item becomes available for purchase. Anything bought in-app is then available through Facebook as well, and still boosts “hotness” points as well as satisfies the dress types (casual, black tie, outdoor, etc.) needed for parties in the main game. In fact, should users visit the store in the mobile version, their avatar will remain there when logged into the Facebook counterpart; with all browsed racks already open.

Since players cannot walk around It Girl’s virtual world, they can’t challenge other players’ avatars to fashion duels. However, players can still access the Rivals menu and challenge any other character that has recently beaten them.

Players also have access to the catalog of limited edition clothing items (there is also a menu to buy energy and confidence-boosting items) that typically cost Facebook Credits. With the game on iOS, however, this has been changed to a virtual currency called “Diamonds.”

These can be purchased in quantities ranging from 10 to 1000 with an in-app purchase price ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 respectively. All that said, Diamonds do not translate into Facebook Credits. This means that any Credits one might have on the social network will not be usable through the mobile version and vice versa. Players that download the game, do get a free starting amount of 10 Diamonds.

Overall, It Girl on iOS is a pretty good companion for serious players of the Facebook version. One has to be careful about mixing and matching the two virtual currencies of Facebook Credits and Diamonds, but other than that, it does allow for some of the best parts of the game to be played on the go. That in mind, the new release ought to be an excellent boost for the game as a whole.