Crowdsourced Data: AT&T Accounts for 83% of Deadzones in San Francisco Area

I’m scheduled to fly to San Francisco in a few hours to attend Think Mobile West. And, this is not the kind of information I prefer to learn about.

A Map Of Wireless Dead Zones In San Francisco: Practically All Are AT&T (TechCrunch)

As TechCrunch points out in an update to their article, AT&T noted that only 83% of the deadzones are attributed to their network. You can almost visualize blogger MG Siegler rolling his eyes upward after getting that bit of clarification.

The information comes from a San Francisco Business Times attempt to crowdsource cell phone dead zone information around the San Francisco bay area.

Wireless dead zones

I guess I’ll find out the hard way if my AT&T service drops out while in San Francisco this week.