Crowdfunding Gives Re-birth to Clearly Canadian, Your Favorite Non-Soda

Ask and ye shall receive!

clearly canadian - Google SearchAs a farm girl and the daughter of a painting contractor, I spent my childhood summers happily riding along in my dad’s truck as we ran errands, lugged sheep to 4-H fairgrounds, checked on job sites and took long drives to Maine for family vacations — on the way, we would always stop at the same gas station to load up the cooler, and each time I would pick out the very same drink: a blackberry-flavored Clearly Canadian.

I have fond memories of watching the light blue, genie-bottle shaped beverage sweating in the cup holder beside me; I savored every sweet, bubbly sip.

And when the brand became more difficult to find and was finally discontinued, nothing ever quite filled the void. Sure, we had Gatorade, or seltzer, or iced tea, but nothing was ever quite the same. I missed my Clearly Canadian.

And if the recent success of a crowdsourcing campaign to bring the company back to life is any indication, I was far from the only one.

Back in January, a venture capitalist named Robert R. Kahn purchased the brand and came up with a fan-based campaign to revive the beverage and bring it back to market. He began selling pre-orders for the soft drink by the case, promising that once 25,000 orders had been placed, the soda would go back into production.

Along the way, the company’s Facebook page posted updates like these:

(1) Clearly Canadian-1 (1) Clearly Canadian

(1) Clearly Canadian-2

On march 18th, the brand officially announced that they had reached their goal; Clearly Canadian was going into production. Earlier this month, the company gave a release date: our favorite non-soda will be available in August.

So come August, I’ll be buying my first bottles of blackberry Clearly Canadian in years, one for me and one for my dad, and if necessary, I’ll manufacture a reason for us to take a drive to the tractor supply store for good measure.