Crowd Source Twitter Account Wants To Give You A Free Coffee (But Asks That You Pay It Forward)

Now this is one of the most unique uses of Twitter I’ve seen.

A kindly, pay-it-forward type has uploaded a picture of his Starbucks card for all the world to use at Starbucks that accept smartphone payments (most US retail locations). He only asks that if you have some spare change, you load up the card for someone else to enjoy a piping hot Venti jolt of caffeine.

Jonathan Stark (@jonathanstark) is a mobile developer who wanted to take the “take a penny, leave a penny” idea into the 21st century.

He has uploaded a picture of his Starbucks card onto his website, and wants people to save it to their phones and use it when they need their next caffeine fix. He himself won’t be putting any more money on the card, though – that’s up to the community.

As he explains, “Jonathan’s Card is an experiment in social sharing of physical goods using digital currency on mobile phones.” He only asks that you load up the card when you have a little spare change, to “enjoy some major karma points.”

To check up on how much money is on the card, visit @JonathansCard‘s Twitter account. Stark has created a program that updates whenever the card has been used, or whenever more money has been added.

The account has over 5,000 followers as of today, up from just over 3,000 yesterday. This thing is gaining momentum, and the more people who participate the more likely the card will be loaded up by some kind stranger. So go ahead, get yourself a ‘bucks – but find a way to repay the anonymous member of the coffee-loving crowd who made it possible.

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