Helps You Find Apps and Connect With Friends

App battle is all the rage. You know, when you whip out your smartphone and race to see whose map application can find directions to the Panda Express first, or whose app finds the best reviews? Or whose app finds discounts on General Tsao’s chicken?There’s an app for almost anything except finding the right apps. App overload. Now, some mobile app makers have made it easy to find apps using The new app available for the iPhone helps you discover apps based on your personality as well as what your friends use and like. leverages the iCloud as well as Facebook friends and Google contacts to give you personalized information on the apps your friends use and how they rate and review them, as well as your personal interests.

“We wanted to leverage what matters most to you – the people you care about – to create a new way to find apps,” said Thomas McLeod in a statement. McLeod is the  president and co-founder of Imaginary Feet.

“It will open a new door to the app cycle from developer to user, and a new era of how apps are created and discovered,” added McLeod.

Besides filtering, categorizing and personalizing the apps you see, creatively shows other users what apps you use on an iPhone or iPad mockup, bringing a touch of the real to the magic of

And for those of you who have less-than-appropriate apps on your phones, or apps you don’t want others to see, don’t worry. lets you customize which applications you display to the world and which are for your eyes only.

While for users is now available, Imaginary Feet will launch a new platform later this year that will let developers see how their apps are accessed and purchased; it will also let them interact with app users and answer questions.