Cross Wars: Team Chaos brings competitive crossword games to iOS


After releasing puzzle games, collectible card RPGs, action adventure games and more, mobile developer Team Chaos has branched into yet another genre with its newest game: Cross Wars. The competitive crossword puzzle game allows users to jump into two-player games, as they work to claim as many tiles as possible to win.

Each game in Cross Wars is turn-based, with users attempting to solve clues and place the right word on the grid. If the guess is correct, the letters are claimed by the player and the turn is over. When these same letters are used by the opponent to create additional words, they’re claimed by the opponent and points are divided accordingly. The goal of each game is to have control of as many letters as possible when the board is filled.

On each turn, players can choose to solve any individual answer on the board, regardless of location or orientation. That is, unlike a game of Scrabble, words don’t need to be touching to count. Therefore, users are encouraged to solve the longest words possible first, in order to rack up the most points.

Players have access to two boosters as they play. A “gimme” offers a free letter for the word, while an eraser gives users a second chance to solve a clue.

Players can sync their games across multiple iOS devices. Gamers can be auto-matched against random opponents or can challenge friends via Game Center. Cross Wars is available to download for free on iOS, and may come to other platforms in the future.

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