Cross my palms with silver: DVD gets itself a new blog

We meant to address this after reading Variety on Sunday, and now that the beta version is up, we feel compelled to direct you to an interesting development in the blogosphere:

Ex-Yahoo! Movies executive Jed Rosenzweig founded the site, which is edited by Peter Bracke, himself the founder of DVDFile. disc.jpeg.jpg

Now, there’s nothing about DVD that doesn’t scream techie-geek, but let’s be honest: DVD is essentially the engine of the movie-business — at least for another few years, until every TiVo gets injected with anabolic steroids and not only downloads all the latest movies, but also performs dialysis and teaches you needlepoint.

Panandscan today also offers in interesting look into odd-but-fascinating minutiae that will help fritter away what might otherwise have been a productive work day. For instance: Did you know that the DVD version of “Transamerica” will feature a

“special lenticular cover art that shows Huffman’s makeup transformation in 3-D as you look at the DVD box from different angles. Maybe it’s just us, but there’s something unsettling about Genius and the Weinstein Co. marketing this film like it’s some sort of carnival attraction. (“See Felicity Huffman morph from Hot Housewife into Transgendered Barbie with just a flick of the box!”)”

Well, we didn’t. But now we’re dying to see it.

Besides using clever techisms like “lenticular,” it also offers substantial peek into both the “Crash” DVD-heavy Oscar campaign and why the Oscarcast hated on DVD so much.

Good luck, lads!