Crocodiles Marching Across Your Screen

orangecrocs.pngYes, there are crocodiles marching across this fabric, which you can see here at’s blog. Living in an area where we don’t see too many large, amphibious reptiles of the lizard kind (but sometimes an errant turtle) we’re fascinated by this fabric and its infinite possibilities. You could make this a screen-saver on your computer with the crocs running one way for a minute, then another the next. It certainly beats the monotony of the plethora of dog and children images on computer screens worldwide.
Or you could actually make something with this textile (better snatch up some yardage quick, but there’s only like 10 yards of it). It would be quite the statement for someone’s who vegetarian and doesn’t wear animal skins. Or quilted up in a bedspread, it could make for the centerpiece of an interesting theme bedroom, perhaps not for a child. What do you think?