Croatian Facebook Protest Materializes, We Have the Photos

-Croatian Protest Sign-Yesterday we wrote about the Croatian Facebook protest which was set to take place and today we have the photos. There were questions about whether or not a protest would actually materialize but it appears that a peaceful protest did take place. Over 2,500 people attended the protest while 60,000 registered online.

While it wasn’t exactly a large uprising against the government, I’d say that this is an impressive display of the ability of Facebook to empower individuals with the freedom of political expression. While 60,000 didn’t show up, there were a few big political players in Croatia present. Speaker of parliament Vladimir Seks, ppposition lawmaker Mato Arlovic, and former Interior Minister Ivica Kirin were all present.

While the Associated Press gave a fairly negative tone of the protest, I would say such a statement is unfair. Perhaps some were expecting a more impressive display of political dissent but I think the bigger story is that a few people were successful at simply setting up a group and organizing a protest event which attracted thousands.

There are clearly divisions between the less computer literate politicians and the computer savvy younger generations. This protest illustrates just how powerful the new technologies really are. Many thanks to Luka Kladaric, a fellow Facebook user and reader of AllFacebook, for sending the photos to us. We’ve compiled the photos into a show below.

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