Croatia's President Becomes Overwhelmed With Friend Requests

According to Reuters, Croatia’s newly elected President, Ivo Josipovic, is currently overwhelmed with friend requests on Facebook. Apparently the celebrity President has not yet figured out the advantage of using a Facebook Page over a personal profile. The new President told state radio “I have 5,000 friends, which is the maximum allowed on Facebook. I also have another 7,000 waiting so I don’t know how we’ll work that out.”

Apparently state leaders abroad are more interested in being popular through friend requests rather that Facebook Pages where Michael Jackson and Barack Obama currently rule, each with over 10 million fans. While it appears that someone has taken it upon themselves to set up a Facebook Page for the President, the current page only has around 3,700 fans.

Rather than positioning himself as a relatively unknown global figure, it makes a lot more sense to go on the radio and complain about the challenges of having the maximum number of Facebook friends allowed. Facebook currently has approximately 22 percent market saturation in Croatia, with just under 1 million users. Back in December of 2008 we covered a number of protests including one in Croatia which was organized completely on Facebook.

While there don’t appear to be too many protestors voicing their dissatisfaction with Josipovic, he clearly doesn’t have a massive following on the site just yet. For the time being, the President can spend his time worrying about how to handle the deluge of friend requests rather than solving more important issues, like the country’s impending accession into the European Union.

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