Critter Island Visits This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

Mid-sized developer Lolapps’ plan to break into the ranks of well-known game companies on Facebook is off to a good start. The company’s new game heads up this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing games on Facebook, defined as those still under a million monthly active users:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_144320435592910_7250 Critter Island323,066+290,473+891%
2.App_2_138368046186693_7846 Franchise Football217,328+209,211+2,577%
3.Original Ikariam – The free browser game319,612+193,153+153%
4.Original Free Flash Games809,401+157,285+24%
5.Original Bubble Town: Party Planet632,226+134,456+27%
6.Original 快樂島主723,576+128,556+22%
7.App_2_140505602636868_3646 Juega al Truco390,589+124,163+47%
8.App_2_140878142619017_3572 Digger124,246+108,137+671%
9.Original i Like Slots232,968+106,773+85%
10.Original Glamble Poker968,009+97,395+11%
11.App_2_105028829550543_8324 TKO Deutschland266,782+96,621+57%
12.Original Tre Regni165,761+93,270+129%
13.App_2_108589655859196_4155 Mahjong Trails292,886+91,997+46%
14.App_2_112594238780474_8273 Robot Unicorn Attack119,765+90,566+310%
15.App_2_44856213161_1533 Cupcake Corner164,967+88,471+116%
16.App_2_212798393542_2183 Woozworld275,432+86,014+45%
17.Original Bricks232,549+83,553+56%
18.Original Warstorm230,901+80,465+53%
19.App_2_136147336419817_4498 Mythopolis170,610+73,905+76%
20.App_2_106932686001126_9426 Mynet Çanak Okey224,072+72,624+48%

Critter Island, the new Lolapps game, heads up the list with 290,743 new MAU. Although it has been out for a few weeks now, the island management game’s biggest gains have mostly come in the past few days. Franchise Football comes in second with a new fantasy football app for the fall season. Several similar CBS apps have done well in the past, so the company is obviously onto something; but they rarely grow past a few hundred thousand users, and usually disappear after the sports season is over.

At number three, Ikariam – The free browser game is not actually a Facebook game, or at least not originally. It’s a fairly well-known browser-based game with a theme much like Electronic Arts’ My Empire, in which the player builds a Greco-Roman civilization on an island.

The imported casual games don’t stop there. Free Flash Games is the latest portal to show up; below it, Bubble Town: Party Planet is a bubble-shooting game with an island-based progression (like Wooga’s Bubble Island) These two apps both appear to be from casual game developers moving onto Facebook.

Then there’s Robot Unicorn Attack, down at number 14. This tongue-in-cheek game is pretty simple: you’re a robot unicorn, you want fairies, and you really don’t like walls. Robot Unicorn appears to be the first game on Facebook from Adult Swim (or at least the first we’ve seen), marking yet another casual game incursion onto Facebook.