Criteo Dives Into In-App Ads

Expands mobile ad offering

Criteo is bringing its display ad business to mobile apps, the company announced today.

The advertising technology firm has been expanding its ability to target its banner ads across mobile for months, and now is testing an in-app banner ad product.

The French company, which had a successful IPO last October, specializes in retargeting, one of the most lucrative and fast growing segments of Web advertising. Criteo claims that its new in-app ad product also offers deep links pointing users directly to products.

“The new mobile solution generates fully personalized, dynamic banners in real-time, with each individual ad optimized to maximize conversions at a specific return on ad spend objective,” Criteo said in its announcement.

Last month, Criteo expanded into mobile Web advertising—but not apps. Marketers were able to transfer online campaigns to mobile, but the new service hits users where they spend most of their time on smartphones and tablets.

Criteo chief product officer Jonathan Wolf claimed most users spend 80 percent of their time in apps and only 20 percent on the mobile Web when using smartphones.

In-app advertising is all about targeting and Criteo is going up against companies like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook yesterday announced that it was testing a mobile ad network to deliver ads to apps.

Over the summer, Criteo bought Ad-X Tracking to enhance its mobile targeting capabilities. The company is currently valued at more than $2 billion.