Credit Card Hacks Make Up More Than Half of Biggest Data Breaches [Infographic]

With all the recent news about hacks, exploits and information leaks, data security is a bigger concern than ever.

With the increase of news about hacks, exploits, scams and information leaks, data security has come to the forefront of our minds in recent years. details the eight biggest security breaches to date in an infographic.

Credit card hacks make up more than half the list. The TJX hack, which targeted TJ Maxx and Marshalls, compromised 94 million credit cards and resulted in a loss of more than $170 million for the companies.

In 2013, a hack on Adobe exposed three million encrypted credit card numbers, and up to 150 million user accounts may have been compromised. A hack on Heartland Payment Systems installed malware on company networks that compromised 130 million customer accounts — the hackers were after credit card payment details.

The “Great Corporate Hack” hit a multitude of corporations between 2005 and 2012: 160 million credit card numbers were stolen and the hack caused over $300 million in damages to corporations like JCPenny and CitiGroup.

The top two breaches chosen by WhoIsHostingThis are the Snowden leaks and the Manning leaks. Edward Snowden has leaked between 50,000 and 200,000 NSA and GCHQ files. Chelsea Manning provided 700,000 classified government documents to Wikileaks. Manning was subsequently sentenced to 35 years in military prison.

For more details on the the attacks — from their perpetrators to their methods — view the infographic below.

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