Creative Shops Helping Agencies Promote Facebook Apps Too

Now that the Facebook Platform is over a year old, social media marketers and agencies are more familiar with the idea of applications as “one time shot” ad units that are much more engaging than traditional banner ads.

As a result, more and more applications appearing on the Facebook Platform look much more like sponsored content landing pages or simple widgets than full-fledged applications. In the first case, advertisers are hoping to expose viral content for social network users to share and drive traffic back to their website.  In the second, advertisers are hoping to get their brand stuck on as many profile pages as possible to maximize impressions.

As a result, development shops that traditionally service agencies are increasingly becoming experts in achieving distribution on Facebook as well. One such firm, Kremsa Design, has built a network of developers to promote client applications. Like some other large firms, Kremsa has also built “cookie cutter apps” – for example, for video content apps (example) and for Friends For Sale clones (coming soon) – that it licenses to clients at a marginal cost. (Disclaimer: Kremsa Design is an advertiser on this blog.)

“We’re still really early in the game, but we’re learning what people like. Young girls like ‘poke’ apps. Guys like games. And older women like different kinds of games,” says Daniel Kremsa. “As long as clients have content, we’re able to help them get distribution in Facebook with our templated products.”

As the platform enters year two, we’re sure to see more creative use of the Facebook Platform by agencies. Inside Facebook will be sure to keep track of all the latest campaigns.