Create Your Own Infographic: “If you Printed your Entire Twitter Timeline…”

Do you know how many times taller than the Statue of Liberty your Twitter timeline would stack if you printed it all out? Or how about how many babies would be born in the time it too to print it all? If you do, we salute you for knowing probably the most random information out there. However, if you don’t know the answers to these questions but you’d like to know, try this fun little web app that tells you just how big your Twitter timeline would be if it was printed out.

The Print Effect is a small app that spits out big numbers. Simply enter your Twitter username (no password required), and you will see the effects of printing your entire Twitter timeline. This includes all of your Twitter friends – those who you follow and who follow you back. The stats are presented in a nifty little personalized infographic that you can share on your website or tweet out to your followers.

This is especially fun to try out with big name celebs, as well as your own account. For instance, take a look at Lady Gaga’s printed timeline stats below:

Her printed Twitter timeline would weigh the equivalent of nearly 500 cows, and would be taller than 67 Statues of Liberty. And it would cost a whopping $2.8 million to print it all!

Your own timeline might not be so big – but the stats will be impressive nonetheless. For instance, you might find that your timeline weighs only the equivalent of a few foxes rather than cows, and that they only stack up a few meters tall.

The Print Effect is a fun little diversion for anyone who loves stats and infographics – and really, who doesn’t? If you do try this out, let us know the most interesting stat from your own infographic in the comments below or on Twitter!