How to Create the Perfect Password [Infographic]

Create long rather than complex passwords. It takes a hacker around a week to break a ten-character password; a fifteen-character password could take more than a century.

A few months ago, ArsTechnica published an interesting article about the future of password cracking. Bottom line? Security provided by the average password has never been weaker. While it may be less convenient, choosing multiple passwords keeps you safer. Unfortunately, it can also make keeping up with them difficult.

Password managers require that you remember one complex password, which does not necessarily have to be hard to remember — it could be a sentence, for example — just be careful about using phrases from literature, websites or the Bible. Password managers also generate complex passwords, provide import and export tools, allow for simple notes and automatically complete online forms for more efficient online checkout.

The infographic below depicts which passwords are weak, medium or strong, provides tips for creating secure passwords and reviews the best of today’s password managers:

How to Create the Perfect Password [Infographic]

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