Create and Share FreeScreencast in a Snap

freenscreencast.jpgEver wanted to create your own tutorial or online demo but couldn’t find a good screen recorder and to say the least a freeware? FreeScreencast gives you a reason to rejoice with its free, no strings attached screen casting software. FreeScreencast is a very easy to use screen recorder that takes out technical difficulty of producing online tutorials and demos that can be embedded to your website. FreeScreencast gives you the following features:

  • Very easy to use Screencast recorder for recording, well screencast
  • Instantly upload and share your Screencast
  • Save your Screencast locally as an .flv file, if you don’t to host it in FreeScreencast domain
  • Ability to embed uploaded Screencast to your sites or blogs (technical hassle free)

Getting started to use Screencast is as easy as recording screencast, and involves just three steps:

  • Download and install the free screencast recording software
  • Create an account to share your screencast with the world
  • And basically that’s it!

Once you’ve recorded your screencast, you can upload it into your FreeScreencast account where the HTML snippet that you can copy and paste unto your blogs or sites will be generated. If you don’t have a site or blog, you may opt to point your friends or colleagues to the FreeScreencast domain where your screencast can be hosted.

What else? Um, Do I have to say that FreeScreencast, is um, free?

Here’s an example of a FreeScreencast.