Taps iPad To Offer More Content, born out of the now defunct Cracked magazine (which folded after numerous relaunches in ’07), has launched an iPad app.
While the new app repurposes much of the site’s existing content, it also features original editorial, and overall has been designed to look and feel distinct from the site, said Oren Katzeff, vp and gm of Demand Media Entertainment, which purchased Cracked in 2007.
At the heart of that look and feel is a dynamic landing page that attempts to create a virtual reproduction of the writer’s room, complete with a vending machine and full bar.
Eventually the plan is for the writer’s room to feature unique sponsorships; for example, ad messages could be draped across the virtual vending machine, Katzeff said.
Besides the unique landing page, the app has been designed with the iPad’s interface in mind. For example, readers can “flip” through previously published photos and stories using the iPad’s touch screen in an attempt to surface more archived content.
“We couldn’t really do that with our site,” said Katzeff. “And while our site has so much great old content, it’s not that easy to find. The iPad allows for us to present that in new ways.”