Crackbook: A Facebook Parody


David McCandless, Pier Gibbon and Toby Slater have published a pretty entertaining parody of Facebook. According to the Crackbook homepage, “Crackbook is an addictive social utility that makes you feel that you’re connecting with people when actually you’re just not.” I like that they called it crackbook because it really is. In addition to my Crackberry that I’m looking at every 5 minutes, I have to login to Facebook every so often to see what my friends are up to. It’s addictive!

Crackbook has a number of entertaining applications including “top Top TOP!!!! Friends,” “Super Advanced Deluxe Wall 2,” “End of the World Clock” and “Paranoia Plus.” Paranoia plus is pretty sweet:

A superhot plugin that allows you to track: who looked at your profiles and for how long; what pictures they looked at and how many times; profiles they looked at before, after and simultaneously; whether they showed your profile to other people and laughed; whether they’ve read the messages you’ve sent and if not, why not, i mean you added them as a friend nearly three days ago. Why haven’t they added you back? Do they not like you? Have you gotten too old? Too fat? Should you have used that photo of you from six years ago? Oh oh when will you be happy? Those kinds of things.

You definitely have to check out the crackbook newsfeed. Pretty funny!