Crack The Safe With A Tweet And Win 10K Worth Of Gold And A Samsung Notebook

If you’ve ever fantasized about becoming the next member of the “Ocean’s” franchise, this is the next best thing: a contest running for the next few weeks that asks you to put all of your cryptology skills into practice and crack a safe full of prizes… using a tweet.

Boosted and Samsung have teamed up to bring you the TweetCracker, where “the only things between you, A Series 9 Notebook and $10,000 in gold are evil lasers and a lucky tweet.”

You get three daily chances to crack the combination of a safe without setting off the alarm. But you won’t be flying blind: clues will be dropped from the Boosted Twitter account (@BoostedTweets) and on their Facebook page.

But the clues aren’t easy. Take the first one, tweeted out on August 1st:

“The first full number of the code is the atomic number of the metal in Lil Wayne’s grill”

And if you get that one, there are still four more numbers which we bet will be even tougher to crack.

You can try to crack the code yourself up to three times a day, by tweeting the five-number combination using the hashtag #tweetcracker. You can also take a peek at all of the guesses thus far on the Tweetcracker website, to take full advantage of the power of social media crowdsourcing.

This is a great marketing move, as it’s a way to really engage the tens of thousands of followers between Boosted and Samsung. It’s smart, relatively simple, and involves brain-power – something that all of us like to flaunt now and then. I’m sure many of the people who enter will be coming back every day to try their luck – and their cryptology skills – again and again.