Coyne PR Study: the ‘State of the Selfie’ Is Strong

The left side of this report is more camera-friendly.

The folks at Coyne PR are funny and we were very impressed by their recent “swear jar for charity” stunt, so when we saw that they’d released a report titled “State of the Selfie,” we just had to enter our email address and click “give it to me.”

So what did it tell us? The selfie is popular and, unlike the TV series bearing its name, the practice will not get cancelled anytime soon:

  • Humans on Earth take more than 93 million selfies EVERY DAY
  • General feelings on the practice are mixed, with just over half of Coyne’s 778 “online influencers” reporting that they don’t mind seeing friends’ selfies in their feeds
  • Of course they wouldn’t: 85 percent of us do it regularly
  • Another shocker: approximately 900 brands have run selfie contests on social media — and the Business2Community blog recently listed 14 of the best from 2014

Here’s the infographic (another trend that will never, ever die):


You may find selfies to be kind of annoying and scoff when you hear about how agencies can “leverage” them for clients, but the “Zuckerberg selfie stick” went from being a joke to a matter of concern for museums around the world in less than two years. Does anyone remember the Twitter “selfie mirror?” What about the thankfully brief “selfies with tigers” trend that inspired the State of New York to pass 2015’s strangest new law?

The report is mostly in good fun, but it’s a little sobering to realize how self-centered we all are. The main conclusion to draw is that no client can ever go wrong by rewarding consumers for their narcissism.

Sadly, we do not think that the word “selfie” will go out of style — but we do like Coyne’s highly accurate alternative “EgoShot.”