CourseSmart to Develop iPad Version of Its App


Get ready to hear a lot of news like this: popular iPhone eBook app developers announcing iPad versions of their iPhone or iPod Touch apps. First to come our way was a release from CourseSmart, the eTextBook company.

CourseSmart announced that as of today, it’s developing an iPad version of it’s iPhone app, which is already in use by students. Here’s what CourseSmart says about its hopes for the app:

College students currently spend $300-$400 a semester on textbook content but they save an average of 50% on each textbook they buy as a CourseSmart eTextbook, a 3 to 5 semester (depending on how many eTextbooks they buy) payback on a $499 device! We believe that many students will see the combination of CourseSmart and the iPad as a way to get all of their textbook content on an exciting new multi-function device for the same amount of money or less than they are already spending on textbooks.

Take note, college students: you can’t play Need for Speed on a Kindle DX.