Could Twitt(url)y pull a digg-like stunt for Twitter?

twitturly_logo.gifOnce again I have to give it to Twitter. What was once a mere microblogging platform has emerged as the new wave of the web 2.0 universe. I have lost track of the many Twitter applications that have already been developed. Some creative minds have even extended their creative juices to come up with Twitt(url)y a digg-like application that aggregates the URLs that Twitter folks have been posting on their Twitter accounts, and let uses to vote for the Twitter items.

Just like Digg, the more people vote for a Twitter item, the higher it goes up the Twitt(ur)y page.


Twitt(ur)ly spider bots crawls every single Twitter site before displaying them on the Twitt(ur)y main site. To keep the Twitter feeds fresh and up to date, only the 100 most popular Twitter items is displayed over the last 24 hours.

I’ve got to give it to the creator/s of Twitt(ur)y creators for coming up with such a very creative application for Twitter. This is definitely a useful application for monitoring the Twitter Zeitgeist without having to monitor each and everyone of your Twitter contacts, or those profiles you follow. Just by visiting the Twitt(ur)y site, you’ll find a dearth of useful links and sites as posted on Twitter.

But as it is still in beta stage, Twitt(ur)y definitely has a lot of room for improvements. The site’s design for one can still be improved to make it more appealing and web 2.0ish. Tagging and tag cloud would be a welcome addition to the site’s otherwise useful features.