Corporate Tweet Fight: AMC vs. Oreo

We’ve recently written a good bit about Oreo’s masterful use of social media. The “Daily Twist” campaign is a great way for the cookie giant to get topical by jumping on trends like Gay Pride and the Mars rover story while attracting a lot of attention with its robust Facebook presence.

Today brings the tale of a rare, if lighthearted, social media misstep by Oreo. Yesterday the company’s consistently cute Twitter feed posed what could have been a great customer-engagement question: “Ever bring your own Oreo cookies to the movie theater? #slicksnacker”. This message, complete with too-cute hashtag, is both on-brand and a little naughty—nearly everyone has snuck food or drink into a movie at some point, right?

Good show, Oreo. But the social media pros at AMC Theatres noticed the tweet too—and saw an opportunity to poke a little fun. AMC’s feed re-posted the message, adding “NOT COOL, COOKIE.” Nice way to co-opt another brand’s style without really insulting or attack them. Oreo responded with “Fair enough, @AMCTheatres, but don’t hate the player, hate the game :)”. A little cliche, but it will do.

This is a fun story, and it reminds us of the right way to do corporate social media: with personality. This little interaction made it very obvious that there are real flesh-and-blood humans operating these feeds, that they value audience interactions, and that the guys responsible for social media at AMC are on top of even distantly related trends. This might explain why AMC has nearly three times as many followers as Oreo, no?

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.