Convert PDFs to ePub

If you own an eBook reading device like the Amazon Kindle you might be concerned about whether you can transport the content you read to other devices. Just like MP3 has become the universal standard for audio files on media players, ePub is becoming the universal standard for eBook files on devices, with one caveat. The ePub file must not be secured with any form of digital rights management (DRM) to be portable between devices. For example, Apple’s iBooks app for the iPad only works with ePub files, but the files are secured with Apple’s DRM so that you cannot copy an eBook file from iBooks onto a Kindle and read it.

The solution to creating content to be readable on any eBook reader device is to write it to an open ePub file. Lifehacker has a great how-to for converting PDF files, which are frequently found on the Internet, into ePub files. While there are other ways to view PDF files on an iPad, converting PDFs to ePub enables you to store and manage the files in iBooks. The instructions utilize a program called Calibre, which is a free cross-platform eBook management tool available for OS X and Windows, that converts multiple eBook file formats.