Proactive Customer Service Made Simple: Conversocial

If your company exists and has customers, it should be monitoring social media – not only for complaints, but for leads as well.

Smart businesses know that keeping a customer makes MUCH more sense than finding a new customer to replace the one you lost. And they also know that while happy customers tell their friends about you and refer new business, unhappy customers tell the WORLD and can destroy you.

If making sense of the noise on Twitter gives your CEO heart palpitations, we have a service that will help you organize customer feedback and save that executive a trip to the ER.

This service actually organizes the feedback for you. All you have to do is reply. And like it or not, you’ll have to reply at some point because social media is the future of customer service.

Conversocial’s site shares some stats that should alarm you if you aren’t at the top of your social media game:

50% of consumers use social media to speak to companies and they expect you to talk back. Quickly.

And . . .

Conversocial has created a platform that helps you “turn a risk into an opportunity and give your reputation a boost” by providing “proactive customer service . . . via advanced Twitter search capabilities” that let you know when customers are discussing your brand or company on Twitter.

“In the social media environment, where the volume of communication can become overwhelming, we provide companies with organized access to the conversations being held about their brand, and clear methods for responding and managing customer relations,” said Joshua March, CEO of Conversocial. “Brands who can’t effectively find and respond to [these tweets] are putting themselves at risk of major public brand damage, and missing a huge opportunity to help customers before they phone – or go to a competitor instead.”

And what happens once these tweets are found? Check out this video and see for yourself:

How is your company tracking social media mentions?

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