Life is Lovely and Lumpy in Mokus’ Artful Puzzle-Platformer Contre Jour

Coming off a nomination for the Best Handheld or Mobile Game at E3 2011, developer Mokus and publisher Chillingo are pairing up to release Contre Jour — a highly stylized iOS puzzle-platformer that relies on a couple of interesting play mechanics. It’s available now in both standard and HD variants for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively.

The basic concept of Contre Jour is familiar: Players must guide a character – in this case a black, blob-like creature – to the exit of the level. What’s interesting is the ways in which this is accomplished. For starters, players can’t move the blob directly; they must move the ground around it up, down, in and out to coax it into motion and creature a suitable path.

In guiding the blob to the level exit, players must also use slingshot-type devices, stretchy ropes, ropes without any elasticity and more. There are three glowing lights to collect along the way, too, upping the challenge across several worlds comprised of more than a dozen levels each. The result is something akin to other iOS titles such as Bumpy Road and Cut the Rope.

The world of Contre Jour is brought to life in silhouette, with accents of color used sparingly. It’s definitely one of the prettiest and most eye-catching game titles on the App Store.

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