Contapps Is A Social Network Centric Phonebook For Android

While the stock Android Contacts app integrates Facebook status updates with contact information, you will need a third party app if you want to integrate other social networks like Twitter with contacts on an Android phone. Contapps is an alternate phone book app for Android phones that consolidates your contact’s social network updates in one spot.

Contapps displays your contacts in a grid by displaying their associated pictures. When you tap a contact’s picture, you see all their contact information, with buttons for making a phone call, sending an email, or sending a text message. A button bar expands from the bottom of the screen with options to view the different social network updates for that contact.

One button displays all of that contact’s social network updates in one spot, and other buttons are available to display Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare updates individually. A button is available to run a search on Google with the contact’s name, while another button provides the ability to display the contact’s address on a map.

Filtering and sorting options are available. Sorting options include alphabetical, frequency, and recent. Frequency places the contacts you must frequently use at the top of the list, why Recent places the most recently used contacts at the top of the list. Filters exist for favorites and groups, with the groups being your Google Contacts groups. I did have problems enabling groups after I tried Favorites and All.

Another interesting feature of Contapps is that it has a gesture search that works like Google Gesture Search. The feature is in beta and I found it did not work perfectly. To use it, you first enable it in settings, then tap Search and start drawing letters on the screen.

Overall, Contapps appears to be a very nice alternative to the stock Contacts app, particularly if you have many contacts that you also follow on social networks. Contapps is free and available in the Android Market.